Each quarter as a company we present an M-Elec team member with the ‘Mobbsey Award.’ An award which has been wholeheartedly created in honour of Geoff and Anne Mobbs, the parents of our founder Tim Mobbs. The quarterly award goes to someone who has shown a consistent ‘Can Do’ attitude and has ensured others are encouraged and helped before themselves which is reflected in everything the Mobbs family has achieved.

The Autumn ‘Mobbsey Award’ goes to…


Robyn Livingston – Accounts Receivable Manager

Robyn is someone you can always rely on and is happy to lend a helping hand. We value her knowledge and passion for accounts and her constant encouragement to others with her positive attitude.

Congratulations Robyn!









Mobbsey Awards have been introduced in honour of Geoff and Anne Mobbs, who are the awesome parents of our founder, Tim Mobbs.  This award goes to an M-Elec team member each quarter that has shown a consistent ‘Can Do’ attitude and has ensured others are encouraged and helped before themselves. This award gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the amazing effort and awesome attitudes that make up the team here at M-Elec.

And the second winner of the ‘Mobbsey Award’ goes to…


Robin Simpson – QLD Account Manager!

Robin is continually achieving excellent results with sales and showing his ambition, integrity and helpful attitude. He is a role model for the sales reps to follow. Congratulations!









Geoff and Anne Mobbs are the awesome parents of our founder, Tim Mobbs. This week we thanked them for all of their hard work, encouragement, and everything else in between. M-Elec would not be where it is today without the support of Geoff and Anne.

In honour of their hard work we introduced the ‘Mobbsey Award’. This award will go to an M-Elec team member each quarter that has shown a consistent ‘Can Do’ attitude and has ensured others are encouraged and helped before themselves. This award gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the amazing effort and awesome attitudes that make up the team here at M-Elec.

And the first winner of the ‘Mobbsey Award’ goes to…


Mark Holmes – Warehouse Manager!

Mark is continually lifting spirits and encouraging others with his positive attitude. Congratulations!

In celebration of thanking Geoff and Anne and the announcement of the ‘Mobbsey Award’ we gathered together for a delicious lunch.









In the last few months we have been sharing with you the processes of product development at M-Elec. We have now reached the most exciting part of product creation; the final stages of printing, testing and releasing the product onto the market!

3D printing 

In the first Product Development blog post we explained the importance of 3D printing technology and how it enables us to reach a new level of product creation. After the design process is finalised, then comes the 3D printing to test aspects such as size, shape and function. It’s one thing to look at a product with design software but it’s another to actually hold it in your hands.This step is vital to the product creation process, as this is when we find aspects of the product that may require modifications or adjustments.



Additionally, we can use test PCBs with the 3D printed prototypes to see how illumination will occur.



Costs & safety regulations

After the finalisation of the design, we consult with our factories for initial quotes to see whether our market’s pricing demands can be met with manufacturing costs. When pricing and engineering has been satisfied, we seek to ensure all safety and compliance requirements by the Australian government are met. These can include the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), SAA compliance and labeling.


The next step is about tools; moulds/die, where all previous work in the product creation process meets. The moulds take about a month to complete and are typically created from hardened steel.


The first samples from the moulds allow us to determine if the size of the product requires any further modifications. These samples are always exciting because we finally get to see what the end product will truly look like.



Say hi to the marketing team! Packaging for the product is designed and marketing materials such as leaflets and user guides are created. This is a great opportunity to get creative. We love the chance to create unique packaging that can help the product to stand out on the shelves.


Product delivery & launch!

Once the product is ordered it typically takes about 4 weeks for production and 3 weeks for delivery. We then finally reach the stage of launching the awesome new product into the market. This is by far the most exciting part because we finally get to see how customers and electricians use the product all throughout Australia.




M-Elec’s On-Site Warranty (OSW) gives you more protection than ever!

OSW is available exclusively to Platinum Licensed Installers (PLI’s) for the one-off fee of $9.95 (inc GST) per installation address. Including commercial and residential installations, the OSW covers each registered location for labour, parts and associated expenses for the replacement of faulty goods within the warranty period. This includes the extended warranty exclusive to PLI’s. Terms and Conditions apply.

To lodge your On-Site Warranty visit https://melec.com.au/members/ and login to the PLI members page. Your username is your PLI member number which is located on the back of your PLI card. If you are unsure of your password you can retrieve it by following instructions online. Alternatively you can call 1300 222 445 where we can assist you with the issue.

Once logged-in complete all of the required fields on the form. Please ensure you tick Yes in the On-Site Warranty field. By clicking the submit button on the bottom of the form, you will be redirected to the PayPal page where you can complete the payment. Te OSW certificate will be then emailed to you. Please check your spam folder, if you don’t receive a certificate and add us to the safe senders list to make sure no certificate gets lost.
Make sure we have your correct email address (you can check and update your details under “My Account” on the right side of the PLI members page). By purchasing the OSW, you will also automatically receive the FREE extended warranty on the applicable submitted products.


If you have any questions regarding OSW or your PLI details please call 1300 222 445 where we can assist you with your inquiry.

Every year the M-Elec team gets together for our annual conference. This year it was especially memorable as we were surrounded with such beautiful scenery at the Cedar Creek Falls Retreat in Queensland.


The theme of this years conference was Teamwork. At M-Elec we believe in constant improvement of these skills as only a strong and unified team can provide exceptional customer service.

The two day conference was full of different workshops and team building activities, which connected the team where we were able to produce new ideas for M-Elec for now and in the future.


The team was also updated on new products that will be launched in the following months. We are very excited to be announcing some awesome new products, so keep your eyes peeled in our upcoming monthly newsletters!


M-Elec product creation process

At M-Elec we love problems because it means we have the opportunity to find a solution. We also understand that if we face an issue when installing or using a product, we can’t be the only ones having it!

Recently we have been exploring the market of garden and deck lights. Typically, garden lights are made from cast aluminium, brass or stainless steel, which is similar for deck lights, but many of these have a chrome coating. We noticed that the life span for many of these products is only a few years and even less for the low cost products.

The Australian environment is tough; sun, rain, salty wind, sand, bugs, fertilisers and many other factors wears the products exterior down quickly and if not protected correctly, destroys the internal components as well.


After we conduct our research we look at all possible solutions to the problem. We don’t restrict our thinking, we just write down what the best solutions would be.


Solutions for discovered issues in garden and deck lighting

  • Must be corrosion proof, have high IP rating (powder coating falls off cast aluminium fittings, corrosion destroys exterior and prevents lamp replacement)
  • Must be chemical resistant (possible exposure to chemicals from fertilisers and other garden additives)
  • Have integrated RGB and White colours (most fittings have only 1 output colour)
  • Could be used for garden and/or deck (all fittings in the market cannot be interchanged for deck and garden lighting)
  • Must have a long life span (solar lights do not work for long hours and typically fall apart quickly)
  • LED – low energy consumption (halogen fittings use large amounts of power for illumination (35-50W))

After analysing the market of existing products and talking to store staff and electricians, we decide what features and benefits the product needs to have. This is an important point at which we get real market feedback about our ideas. Otherwise we can develop a product that is over-engineered or too complicated for the target market.

We then explore our thoughts of design based around solutions we want to implement.

From drawing to 3D design

After we have finalised the design, we print and test the prototype.

Keep up to date on M-Elec’s product development process by reading next months newsletter where we will be talking about testing the prototypes and preparing for production.

3D printing technology

The rapid development of the 3D printing technology has enabled M-Elec to reach a new level of product development. With the help of computer aided design software (CAD) designers are able to check the designs to some degree, however the final prototype is needed for the final design to be approved.

3d design at M-Elec
Designing a product with 3D design software (CAD) at M-Elec

MR multi 3D visualization
MR MULTI 3D visualization – CAD design

A new office “gadget”

With having the 3D printing technology available in-house, M-Elec is able to produce prototypes of our own LED lighting designs in a matter of a few hours instead of waiting for several days to receive a sample from a prototyping company.

This means we are able to test the prototype, identify the potential flaws, apply the changes and re-test it much faster. When the prototype is confirmed, we send the final product design to manufacturing.

3D printing
3D printing with FDM technology (building product layer by layer using ABS plastic)

Testing of the printed prototype
Testing of the printed prototype

3D prototyping is a huge advantage for M-Elec, as now we can develop new products faster, better and hit the market sooner.

Not only for R&D

The 3D prototypes are also very useful for other departments, such as marketing and sales. With seeing and handling the 3D sample it is easier and faster for marketing to develop product packaging and other supporting marketing materials.

The sales department can present the final prototype to our customers and receive orders for the product ahead of product production.

Creating the MR MULTI packaging
Creating the MR MULTI packaging

Testing the MR MULTI packaging
Testing the MR MULTI packaging

Watch this short video of the product development process at M-Elec

Different types of 3D printers

M-Elec is using two types of 3D printing technology; FDM (as shown on the photo above) and SLA (Stereolithography), which is pretty cool. It is the oldest method in 3D printing and is still being used today. The SLA 3D printer is printing products by converting liquid plastic to solid 3D objects using laser to harden the layers.

Video: Printing a new product with SLA printer at M-Elec.

Watch this space next month to find out which product are we printing here and to find out more about the product development process at M-Elec.

We have added an exciting new feature to our new website, an online quoting system. Customers can now request a quote on M-Elec products directly from the store they select from the online map.

How to request a quote.

1.Select the product you are looking for via product page.
Select M-Elec product for the quote


2.On the product page insert the number of fittings needed and press “Add to quote” button.
slect the qty and press add to quote button


3.Once products are added, you can either view your basket at the top of the page or keep adding other products.
view basket or add new products


4.After you have selected all products for your quote go to the top tab on the page and click the item button to open the drop down list. You are now able to view and edit or finalise the quote.
click the "Item" button


5.After selecting the “Finalise the quote” button, the map will open. Type in the post code you are looking for and tick wholesaler category.
finalise the M-Elec quote

6.Select the store from the list and click the blue ‘Select for Quote’ button next to the selected store.
select a store

7.Scroll down and enter in all relevant details. Check your quote details and finalise by clicking the blue ‘ Request Quote’ button.

8.The store you have selected will then be in contact with you to supply the quote.

Information for stores – would you like to receive the quote requests too?

To receive quote requests from online customers please ensure your store details are correct. You can do this by visiting our stockist page and typing in your post code. If the relevant details are incorrect please call 1300 222 445 and speak to Reception or alternatively you can email all information through to info@melec.com.au.

This month M-Elec supported SIDS & KIDS by getting involved with Red Nose Day. SIDS & KIDS is a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to the research of SIDS and gives much needed support to families who have suffered loss.

In order to support Red Nose Day, we decided to turn our M-Elec blue into red for the day. Even our warehouse guru Mark got in on the fun by dying his hair bright red! We gathered together for a morning tea and raised much needed funds for this remarkable organisation.



To find out more about how you can get involved please visit http://www.rednoseday.com.au/

M-Elec’s Platinum License Installer course is now simple and easy to complete with the new ONLINE training.

Not only does the training allow you to complete the course at a time that suits you, but it also gives you the freedom of finishing the course with your own pace. If you are unable to complete the 90-minute training in one seating, your progress is automatically saved with every finished lesson. This means that you can pick up where you left off at a different time.


The PLI course gives you knowledge on latest LED lighting technologies, terminology and products as well as the most up to date installation techniques. Not only will it enable you to offer your customers a full range of products and services, you will become part of an exclusive network of installers, opening up a new range of job opportunities. Start the PLI online course now.

Watch the introduction video

By taking the PLI training course you will gain extensive knowledge to grow your career as well as giving you benefits to keep you ahead of the competition.

  • Get up to 3 years of FREE extended warranty on selected products, giving you a massive advantage when quoting for jobs
  • Protect your installations with the exclusive On-site warranty
  • Be listed on our website, offering you free advertising
  • Receive newsletters keeping you up to date with industry and product news

To take the course now, follow this link.

At M-Elec we want to make a difference. In the month of March we are collecting food and all kinds of necessities for FOOD BANK, an Australian wide charity helping all kinds of people in need by giving them meals that they so desperately need.

There are over 580,000 Queenslanders who are living below the poverty line, and for these people a meal on the table is not an everyday occurrence.

In 2015 FOOD BANK provided enough food for over 40 million meals, and we want to help keep that number growing!

Over the month of March we will be collecting all kinds of food and necessities that you wish to donate.

What we are looking for:

  • Meals in a can
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Canned vegetables
  • Canned fruit
  • Cereal
  • Baby food
  • Canned soup
  • Jams and spreads

It could be just a can of soup that you have had sitting in your pantry, any donation counts!

For all wonderful people that can’t be here with us, you can donate to FOOD BANK at https://www.foodbank.org.au/want-to-help/donate-funds/donate-online/.
Just $10 provides 100 children with a bowl of cereal and milk!

Thank you everyone for your continuing support to M-Elec’s quarterly charities, any donation makes a very big difference!