Brightest by far.

LED floodlights.

NOX40 LED Floodlight. Big and Bright.

The NOXV2 floodlights are our latest development of this iconic LED floodlight range. Featuring an ultra-efficient offset bracket that installers demand, super slim body and illumination specifications that lead the category, NOXV2 is the brightest choice by far. Supported by a M-Elec 7 year warranty.

Special offset bracket makes install easier.
Designed and built tough but light thanks to the special aluminium body.
Half the wattage and twice as bright than other floodlights on the market.
1-10V dimmable from NOX10-NOX40

Brightest by far.

NOX-V2 has a longer throw of light than other brands. Whether it’s a small exterior courtyard or a large outdoor facade NOX-V2 provides brilliant results.

Unparalleled Lumen Output.

Leading edge output of lumens per watt of up to 142lm/W is unlike any floodlight on the market.

The light isn’t the only genius thing.

All NOX-V2’s come with an offset bracket design specially developed to make installation extremely fast and efficient. Simply position NOX-V2 against the surface for installation, mark, drill and screw or bolt into place without removing the bracket.