BB60 Multi LED bare batten


The worlds fastest batten fit-off
Product code/Category
ML-BB60-MULTI/Battens & Oysters

The BB Multi Batten offers the ‘world’s fastest fit off time’ which addresses fitting the base directly over the conduit with a single piece base & pre-cut out conduit points, extra-large terminal block (for up to 4x 1.5mm cables), ‘snap on’ finish with a tool less, single piece cover. It now also incorporates 3 colour option Multi illumination with an included diffuser and dual power mode switching (10W & 20W).

Offering the ‘worlds fastest fit off’ not only ensures it is an easy install but that labour costs associated with installation are drastically reduced. Multi output technology and dual power options feature in both the BB60 Multi & BB120 Multi making them suitable for a range of applications. To add to this, sensor end caps and emergency options are available as upgrades depending on the install requirements giving further diversity to the range.

X-joiner (ML-BB-JN), suspension kit (ML-BB-SUS), sensor kit (ML-BB-SN), emergency pack (ML-BB-EM)

Features and Benefits

- World's fastest fit off time

- Fast fit base with pre-cut conduit points for instant mounting

- Extra-large terminal block (for 4x 1.5mm cables)

- Multi white outputs

- Dual Power Mode

- Comes with full diffuser


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Total power consumed:
10 / 20W*
Lumen output:
10W: WW 950lm | NW 1064lm | W 1020lm
Lumen output:
20W: WW 1670lm | NW 2010lm | 1860lm
Colour temperature:
WW 3000K | NW 4400K | W 6350K
IP Rating:
Beam angle:
120 degrees
Power supply:
Average life:
36,000 hrs**
3 years (4 years for PLI)
614 mm | Width: 74 mm | Height: 67 mm