Blind Snake™ Rapid Plug Base
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Blind Snake™ Rapid Plug Base

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Blind Snake™ Rapid Plug Base

Blind Snake Rapid Plug Base


The Blind Snake™ was designed to revolutionise the install time for downlight plug bases using an entirely tool-less patented Fang™ technology. Turning a laborious task that involved a series of both tools and techniques into a single two handed motion has made the BlindSnake™ a product that not only outperforms the markets best its changing perception on what ‘connection to cable’ technology can be.

Constructed from high grade PC plastic to resist fire, engineered from high grade copper and brass for active, neutral and earth connection fangs™, the Blind Snake™ is SAA and Global-Mark compliant. The audible click and robust connection assures the user that the connection is made safely.

With our unique partnership with Prysmian cables internationally we have helped develop a traced cable system that takes the guess work out of polarity. No knicking cable is required to check inner cable colouration, one just follows the outer sheathing to see where the correct polarity is, slide the BlindSnake™ over and press – installing is complete.

Watch how the Blind Snake™ is put to the test in a real install by Intricate Electrical in Canberra.



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Technical Information

  • Nominal voltage: 250VAC
  • Nominal current: 10A
  • Frequency range: 50 Hz
  • Cable formats: 1.5mm² and 2.5mm² 2C+E with centre earth
  • Dimensions: 70mm | Width 74mm | Height 47mm
  • Packaged: 10 units on a belt and housed in BS outer box

Watch here to learn more about polarity with the Blind Snake™


Blind Snake™ Rapid Plug Base

Features & Benefits

Compact & sleek
Tool-less install
Patented design
Blind Snake™ Rapid Plug Base
2017 Red Dot Award Winner
Heat resistant PC outer
Fang™ Technology