RGBW wireless remote


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Product Information


This RGBW wireless remote offers up to 8 zones of RGBW all in 1 remote. Working wirelessly with the ML-1009FAWI receiver this remote has full control of all colours individually and allows both speed and brightness control of the various modes.

Use our LED strip calculator to can help you calculate what other components you need (power supply, controller, aluminium housing).


Wireless connection

Offers up to 8 zones of RGBW

Easy installation

Works wirelessly with the ML-1009FAWI receiver

Full RGB/W control

Working with receiver it has full control of colours, speed and brightness

Tech Specs

Colour control

RGB + white

Input voltage

2x AAA battery*

Works with



L: 44mm
H: 131mm
D: 24mm

Product Cover

This product is covered by 3 Year limited warranty.

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