Wireless single colour dimmer


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Product Information


This simple ‘1-wheel’ dimmer controller is completely wireless and battery operated allowing it to be installed with ease. The 1 wheel configuration allows full dimming control (256 levels) and on/off capability. The controller has a power saving mode which allows the replaceable battery to last up to 2 years. When coupled with the ML-1009FAWI the LED products can be operated by IOS or Android APP’s as well as the ML-2836DIM-US.


Wireless connection

Battery operated

Easy installation

1 wheel configuration

Full dimming control and on/off capability

Power saving mode

Tech Specs


On/off switch and 0-100% dimmer

Operating voltage

4.5VDC battery*

Operating frequency

434MHz RF


L: 75mm
H: 120mm
D: 41mm

Required receiver


Product Cover

This product is covered by 3 Year limited warranty.

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