Sunshine Coast Airport

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Sunshine cost airport lighting

Sunshine Coast Airport Installation

The Sunshine Coast Airport is another commercial project that we are proud to be a part of. This project installation includes many of our 55W high power downlights (ML-C50), high output LED strips in white output (ML-SMDFH-W) illuminating the signage and NOX 50W LED floodlights (ML-NOX5), used in different applications in the complex.

High power downlights

Our 55W high power downlights (ML-C50) have been used in both the exterior and interior of the complex. The C50 was specifically designed for high ceiling installations providing a large area of illumination (95 degrees). It offers exceptional lighting without producing the harmful UV light that can fade and deteriorate furnishings and merchandise in commercial environments.



With the success of M-Elec’s 1box patent technology, the C50 is now being superseded by the new 1box-C4050. This new high power downlight features all of the benefits of the C50 plus more, as it gives the user more options of colour and lumen outputs within one fitting. To find out more about the 1box-C4050 visit the product page.

1boxc4050 benefits

LED strips

The ML-SMDFH-W, High output white LED strip has been used on most signage throughout the Airport. For this project, the LED strip was used as a back light for the advertising signs. Installed at 150 mm apart behind the sign with a mix of power supplies (150W, ML-PSWP150 and 300W, ML-PSWP300), the SMDFH-W seamlessly illuminates the signage making it stand out, perfect for advertising.




The brassiere within the Airport is illuminated by both the C50 high power downlights and the NOX5 50W LED floodlights. The NOX5, M-Elec’s new floodlight design was introduced to the market in late 2015. A slimmer, lighter and brighter model comparing to the older FL series, the NOX5 is a great choice for this type of installation. Featuring a new angled bracket, the NOX5 is fast and easy to install. Consuming only 50W of power and producing an impressive output of 5000lm, the NOX5 provides an excellent illumination that is needed in this area.


M-Elec prides itself in designing and distributing quality LED lighting products. Not only that, a family owned company based on the Sunshine Coast, has an excellent project department that is dedicated to designing lighting projects for both domestic and commercial installations.

To find out more about M-Elec’s projects or for further product information please call 1300 222 445 where our LED lighting experts can assist you with your inquiry.