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I used the Rapid 10 yesterday on a job

By March 5, 2018 March 20th, 2018 No Comments

Electricians all over Australia have started installing Rapid 10s in thier commercial and residential jobs. This week Darren Tyler from Autohome Solutions used the new Rapid 10 on a recent job and shared this thought on the new product from M-Elec. “Got to say, these things are so easy to install” Mr Tyler Said “No messing trying to wire 413s or QCs in the ceiling, this is as easy as running the cable around and snapping the Rapids on anyway it fits”.

The new Rapid 10 includes the world’s first Universal Polarity Safe Technology allowing Live & Neutral to be interchangeable which makes installing the Rapid 10 the fastest compared to other plug bases in the market. Darren explained that Rapid 10 is great for new light installs where you are running cable round to pick up a new bank of lights but might not be suitable for upgrades of old lights to LEDs where there are hardwired transformers and a 413 needs to be installed. “Traditional plug and play lights are still the go for that” He added.

Whereas the Blind Snake™ is a plug base connector allowing for the install of any downlight, the Rapid 10 includes an Integrated driver, 10W Multi CCT selectable output, dimmable downlight attached directly to the tool-less Blind Snake® connector system which explains the time saved on Darren’s job. “I reckon it’s a 3-5 minute saving per downlight. So over 30 units, it saves 1.5 to 2.5 hours depending on how quick you can wire a 413 jammed in the corner of a roof space on a 30+ degree day.”


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