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Welcome to the M-Elec Family, Rapid 10

By January 30, 2018 February 5th, 2018 No Comments

Today, we welcome a new product to the M-Elec range: The Rapid 10. A product that is not only new to the industry but features brand new technology never seen before. Rapid builds on the award winning Blind Snake Rapid Plug Base technology in an all in one downlight.

Rapid 10 reinvents the household downlight and makes it easy for industry professionals to minimise the install time for downlight plug bases using an entirely tool-less patented Fang™ technology while providing one of the best LED downlights in the market.

Whereas the Blind Snake™ is a plug base connector allowing for the install of any downlight, the Rapid 10 includes an Integrated driver, 10W Multi CCT selectable output, dimmable downlight attached directly to the tool-less Blind Snake® connector system.

The new Rapid 10 includes the world’s first Universal Polarity Safe Technology allowing Live & Neutral to be interchangeable which makes installing the Rapid 10 the fastest compared to other plug bases in the market.

You can purchase the new Rapid 10 with Blind Snake connector from your nearest electrical wholesaler.